Donations and Candle Sales

(4 April 2020) Due to recent events with the closure of public worship due to the outbreak of COVID-19, though the public can’t come to services, but Church expenses continue. We still have to pay for the utilities and rates. We encourage those who are able to, to help by giving regular donations to the church. You can greatly assist by setting up regular payments via your financial institution. Our church’s bank details can be found below.

  • Account Name: BVVROCA
  • BSB: 064117
  • Account number: 00900940

Below you can order candles and make donations using either an approved credit card or through a bank transaction. Note there is a small surcharge if you use your credit card to cover the use of the payment portal.

Additionally, when making a donation please include a list of people you wish to be commemorated in the next Diving Liturgy in the Order notes section in the Checkout. Please include peoples Christian name, Surname and whether they are living or deceased.

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